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Dr. Jonathan Leizman of Premise Health Offers Insight on When Vaccinated Workers Should Wear Masks

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A recent survey by life insurance company Haven Life indicates a current divide over vaccine requirements and wearing masks in the workplace. Premise Health chief medical officer, Dr. Jonathan Leizman, weighs in to clear up confusion surrounding key questions on COVID-19 and the workplace.

When it comes to parents with young children in the workplace Dr. Leizman noted that if a parent’s workplace has eased mask requirements, the decision about wearing a mask “ultimately comes down to your personal comfort level.”

“If you’re a parent and wearing a mask at your workplace makes you feel safer, then do it, as we know masks are effective at preventing the spread of the virus,” Leizman said. “If you or a loved one living in your home has a serious underlying health condition and it’s possible and preferred for you to work remotely, then that might be a suitable decision for you and your employer to make.”

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