Delaware Poultry Company Relies on Premise Health for COVID-19 Vaccination Planning and Distribution

Poultry plant workers in Delaware represent a large core of essential employees waiting for access to the COVID-19 vaccine in phase 1B, as Delaware’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign continues. While demand presently outweighs vaccine supply, Delaware’s Division of Public Health is working with the Delaware Department of Agriculture on coordination within Phase 1B populations in the farm and agriculture communities.

In late December, the CDC recommended that states include meat- and poultry-processing workers in Phase 1B. Mountaire Farms, a Premise Health client with several thousand production line workers at its Delaware poultry-processing plants, has taken preparatory steps.

Once the vaccine becomes available, it will be administered at poultry company Wellness Centers. “We’ve been coordinating with Premise Health, which operates our on-site Health and Wellness Centers, to administer the vaccines,” said Mountaire Farms spokeswoman Catherine Bassett.

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