Cybersecurity Increasingly Important in Healthcare as Technology Evolves

Healthcare is increasingly digital, which means cybersecurity is one of its greatest business risks. How are companies responding?

Cybersecurity is a challenge for every business and industry, including healthcare.

Joey Johnson, Chief Information Security Officer at Premise Health, confronts this challenge every day. He works with organizations in a wide array of industries across the U.S. to ensure electronic health records, billing information, and other health data from their employees and members stays safe. He also manages data integrations for Premise clients.

In an interview with Healthcare Tech Outlook, Johnson shared his viewpoint on how information security leaders at healthcare organizations can better protect sensitive information. For example, Johnson encourages leaders to consider business strategies first, and technology second.

“Obviously, technology offers many benefits,” he said. “But every new product you bring in will present new risks and require someone to run it. That’s why smart organizations are focusing on people and training first, technology second.”

Premise Health is the only direct healthcare company to achieve HITRUST accreditation, an initiative for championing information safeguarding.

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