Case Study: A CISO’s View of Security’s ‘Paradigm Shift’

joeyAs the cyberthreat landscape evolves from lost and stolen mobile devices to sophisticated hacker attacks, healthcare organizations need a major paradigm shift in their approach to security, says Joey Johnson, CISO at Premise Health, which manages more than 500 work site-based health and wellness centers and serves more than 200 employers.

“There are lots of cyber threats and risks out there, but the one most specific to healthcare is the distribution of data,” he says in an interview with Information Security Media Group. Healthcare entities “make copies upon copies, upon copies of data, and it goes off to many different places. When you think about e-prescribing and sending information off to insurers, and all the different places it needs to go for medical billing … by the end of the ecosystem, [the patient’s] information has been copied lots of times and has gone to lots of different places.”

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