BBC News: Why Companies Are Bringing Therapy to Work

In a recent BBC News article, Premise Health, Shaw Industries Group, and other large employers weighed in on how implementing onsite therapy helps bridge the gaps in mental health care.  

Employees around the world have shifted their priorities when it comes to their benefits in a post-pandemic working environment. Many are advocating for more holistic resources to address their needs, including mental health. With an increasing lack of community providers, affordable alternatives, and available appointments, large employers are meeting the demand by providing convenient access to onsite therapy that works with their people’s schedules.  

Shaw Industries Group, a leading international flooring manufacturer, partnered with Premise in 2020 to bring onsite behavioral health to their U.S. associates. “We wanted to take care of [employees] in a way that it’s not just at work,” says Rachel Bolden, associate experience manager at Shaw, “but that also takes care of them at home.” 

Since 2018, Premise has been a leader in providing mental health resources for U.S. organizations. Through its onsite and nearsite centers, Premise now deploys a total of 94 clinical therapists across the country. Last year, the company booked more than 35,000 visits across 65 clients.  

Continue reading the BBC article to learn why the need for mental health resources is still growing and discover why access is so valuable to employees.