What is Onsite Primary Care for Employers?

If you’ve never experienced onsite primary care, it can be a tricky concept to understand. But once you’ve seen it for yourself, it’s hard to forget the incredible benefits and life-changing difference it can make. In this blog, we’ll cover the basics of onsite primary care for the uninitiated and explain how it benefits both employers and employees alike.

What is onsite primary care for employers?

Onsite primary care for employers looks like a wellness center located right at your workplace – whether that’s a corporate campus or a satellite factory location. Onsite primary care is exclusive to your employees and their dependents – at Premise Health, we like to call them our members because they have private access to the highest quality primary care that you won’t find elsewhere in the community. Onsite clinics can fulfill all typical primary care needs, from regular physicals to chronic condition management and sick care.

The benefits of onsite primary care for employers

Bringing employer sponsored primary care directly to the workplace is the right move for many employers to help them meet their health and wellness goals. We’ve found that the convenient access to preventive care for our clients results in big savings and better utilization. Employers save an average of 25%, or $2,014, on total cost of care for employees and dependents attributed to an onsite or nearsite wellness center and see routine office visits increase by 39% while emergency room visits go down by 27%.

Onsite primary care can also be a tool to attract and retain talent. Having this benefit shows employees that their employer truly cares about their wellbeing and is willing to invest in their long-term health. We’ve even heard stories of members who delay switching jobs or retiring just because they love having access to primary care through their onsite wellness center and don’t want to lose it. At Premise, we’re thrilled to make an impact like that for our clients.

The benefits of onsite primary care for employees

When it comes to the benefits for your employees, the biggest one is how convenient it is to access primary care through onsite health centers. Often times, visiting a primary care provider is as easy as walking down the hall from your desk at work. Employees spend less time commuting to appointments, less time missing work to seek care, and can easily get a last-minute appointment when an issue comes up.

However, you might not realize that onsite primary care is actually better primary care. This model means experienced providers have more time to spend with their patients, which builds stronger, more trusting relationships. Onsite primary care accounts for the whole person, so you’ll find that providers are willing to go deeper with you and consider all the factors in your life that play a role in your health and wellness.

Onsite primary care meets not only the needs of you, the employer, but also the people you care about – whether that’s employees, dependents, retirees, or union members. We’re all aware of the challenges with finding primary care in the community – long wait times to get in for an appointment, healthcare deserts, fewer providers, and too-short appointments. It’s not what primary care should look like. Onsite primary care with Premise is so much more than a convenient employee benefit – it’s high-quality healthcare from providers that really care and have the time to make a difference for your people.  

If you’re ready to talk about what onsite primary care could look like for you, reach out to us today.

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