The Value of Direct Primary Care During a Public Health Crisis

As local hospitals and health systems see a significant increase in volume due to COVID-19, there’s an opportunity for Premise Health wellness centers to play a critical role in reinforcing the country’s healthcare infrastructure.

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During these uncertain times, forward-thinking organizations that offer direct primary care prove their fundamental value in the face of a public health crisis by ensuring convenient access to everyday healthcare needs, making virtual care readily available, and helping their people with chronic conditions get the ongoing treatment they need to stay well.

Ensuring Access

At a time when community practices and health systems may not be able to provide essential services, direct primary care teams stand ready to alleviate the burden on limited resources. Onsite, neariste and virtual providers can still deliver high-quality healthcare to members and their families, even if a site closes. This unprecedented access to care is crucial during times of public crisis.

Virtual Care First

Making sure every day needs are taken care of during a pandemic is very important. While hospitals and health systems focus on treating emergent COVID-19 cases, individuals still have other healthcare needs. Leading with virtual care first, and in-person care second, is now a best practice across the nation.

By providing care virtually, and in-person when needed, direct primary care reduces the burden on the healthcare system and helps individuals stay out of emergency rooms and hospitals where they risk COVID-19 exposure. This allows people to stay home and stay safe even when care is still needed.

Chronic Condition Support

When healthcare resources are limited, it’s more critical than ever to help individuals manage their chronic conditions, from diabetes to hypertension and beyond. Those who aren’t in good health could be at an increased risk of infection from COVID-19 and may fare worse if they get it.

With this in mind, direct primary care teams can focus on ensuring patients with chronic conditions continue to have support:

  • Managing their chronic conditions
  • Refilling medications
  • Quickly addressing acute concerns

These steps help those with chronic conditions stay healthy, even as other healthcare facilities cancel non-essential visits.
Premise Health is committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of team members, members, and their families. As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, our teams can play a critical role in reinforcing the country’s healthcare infrastructure. By delivering care at our health centers and pharmacies, we can alleviate the burden on community resources and provide continued access to high-quality healthcare.

From pandemic preparation and screening to response and return to work, we can help your organization strategically navigate this unprecedented and challenging time.

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Premise Health is the leading direct healthcare provider offering onsite wellness centers, as well as nearsite and virtual access points. For the latest COVID-19 information from Premise Health, click here.

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