Pharmacy Services Have Never Been this Different

When someone thinks of utilizing a pharmacy, they may think of long lines and expensive medications, causing frustration that has some individuals skipping the process all together.  This can result in unfilled prescriptions and medical conditions going untreated. At Premise, our pharmacists remove these barriers and focus on building personal relationships. That doesn’t sound so different, but it is. So how exactly is a Premise Health pharmacy different?

Pharmacy Services Changing Role in Direct Healthcare

In the community, your interactions with pharmacists tend to be transactional — a prescription is called in from a provider, it’s filled at the pharmacy and you wait in line to pick up the medication. Premise is intentional in redefining this experience. Our pharmacists provide more than medication: They provide knowledge, guidance to individual care plans and build relationships with members. Pharmacists are part of our members’ broader care team and partner with prescribers in creating a comprehensive medication management program. This coordinated approach allows pharmacists to have a better understanding of a member’s needs and provides support and education tailored to the individual. This process improves outcomes and can help lower costs.

For example, in 2017, Southwire decreased its pharmacy spend by 0.4 percent, defying the published trends of the top four pharmacy benefits managers. In comparison, many similar employers experienced increases from 7 to 13 percent in the same year. In addition, a cohort analysis of the total cost of care for individuals using the Southwire onsite wellness center and pharmacy, versus those accessing care in the community, demonstrated an overall per member per month savings of $272.

Building Trust Between Members and Their Pharmacist

Trust is essential in the relationship between the member and their providers. Pharmacists are included in the care process and planning, allowing members to meet one-on-one with their pharmacist. With this access, pharmacists identify member barriers to medication compliance and can educate them on medication side effects and the importance of adherence, as well as work with the prescribing providers to adjust treatment plans to improve the member experience. With this comprehensive approach, clients can be confident that their workplaces are healthier knowing their pharmacists are monitoring the population and following up with members who may have questions or issues with their medications. Healthy team members make for a healthy workplace.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Model is Designed with Members in Mind

The pharmacy model at a Premise Health wellness center is a draw for clients and members alike because of the difference it makes in the lives of members and their families. It’s also a reason workplaces are healthier for clients and can reduce costs associated with prescription medication and ongoing treatment. Premise pharmacy staff are an essential part of the member’s health care journey by providing solutions and critical counseling, promoting behavior change, and encouraging simple remedies, so costly ones aren’t needed.

When it comes to primary care and pharmacy, our integrated solutions offer substantial savings. Taking an integrated approach with primary care and pharmacy allows both provider teams to offer multidisciplinary care that ensures members are being treated holistically – from prevention and checkups to medication adherence and administration. By leveraging pharmacist’s clinical expertise on the care team, they can fully manage chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. The integration of pharmacy services into a primary care model emphasizes personalized, member-centered care that helps organizations realize true value and cost savings.

At Premise, we are redefining the healthcare experience and the way people have access to care – our Pharmacy is one component to the whole-member approach. We are changing the relationships people have with their pharmacists, and as a result helping increase value and health outcomes.

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