Next Generation Primary Care: More Personable, More Accessible, More Intelligent

How does an outdated, rigid approach to healthcare built around sick care keep people healthy? The answer is it doesn’t. It’s in a perpetual state of reaction, always playing catch up. Proactive, next generation primary care is how we move healthcare forward.

Sometimes known as advanced primary care, next generation primary care expands on the medical home model by equipping providers with the technology, clinical tools, and social resources they need to deliver integrated, whole person care. By being more personable, accessible, and intelligent this approach creates better outcomes for both organizations and their people.

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What is next generation primary care?

Next generation primary care is the combination of barrier-free access, seamless experiences, a holistic approach, and care personalized to each person’s needs and circumstances. Rather than simply treating an isolated issue, this clinical philosophy considers the whole person, mind and body. The result is better long-term health for patients and reduced healthcare spend for employers, a win-win all around.

What does the next generation primary care model include?

Barrier-free Access

Barrier-free access means individuals can choose how they want to get care in a way that’s most convenient for them – digitally, in-person, or a combination of the two. This allows people to receive care from specialists that may not be in their area or gives them the flexibility to pick care that aligns with their lifestyle. The bottom line is that when someone needs care, they get the care they need, delivered how they need it – at work, in the neighborhood, or virtually.

Along with unmatched access, there’s always a trusted guide to help you navigate the broader healthcare system. Primary care providers serve as the first stop and single point of contact on any care journey, providing guidance and support along the way. Whether that’s a specialist referral or expert second opinion, knowing that your primary care provider is staying informed, checking in, and consulting on next steps offers reassurance that’s priceless.

Seamless Experience

A seamless experience with next generation primary care is integrated, connected, and easy for everyone involved.

1. It’s fully integrated.

Next generation primary care is healthcare that fully integrates with all types of services to meet your needs. From behavioral health to pharmacy and more, it allows complementary services to be synced up for more holistic care. For example, an individual with a heart condition can safely work on improving their cardio with the help of a fitness professional and input from their primary care provider. This care team collaboration achieves the best results for patients and allows providers to do their best work together.

Full integration also means organizations have the flexibility to mix and match services to best meet their people’s health needs through a single partner. Care is going to look different at an automobile manufacturing plant compared to a corporate-based or remote workforce, so organizations can select the services that are going to make the biggest impact for their employees and dependents regardless of workplace setting or location.

2. Everything is connected.

A best-in-class technology stack allows providers and patients to benefit from the power of connection. With access to the same information in one location, pharmacists, physicians, counselors, and more can coordinate treatment, close gaps in care, and reduce unnecessary or duplicative services.

In addition, access to advanced technology and data empowers providers to reach out to individuals who may be struggling and need more support. This means they don’t have to make the first move, and if they’re not ready to engage, providers can keep up with their health behind the scenes. Being proactive helps catch issues before they become costly so your people can maintain their health, rather than constantly playing catch up.

For patients, connected technology results in continuity of care and a single point of contact through their primary care provider to receive a coordinated, unified care plan across multiple products and specialists.

3. It’s easy.

Often, taking care of yourself is hard – But it doesn’t have to be. Next generation primary care makes it easy to keep up with your health and your family’s health.

A single, secure member portal makes it easy to schedule appointments, check lab results, and message a provider. Concierge support from care navigators ensures anyone can receive assistance scheduling appointments, get help finding the best providers that are in network, and receive personalized follow-up after services. When healthcare is easy people are more likely to get the care they need, which creates better experiences – and better outcomes.

Mind and Body

A holistic, prevention-focused approach that considers the whole person is an important part of next generation primary care that helps people make lasting changes to their health. This includes the use of lifestyle medicine to promote behavior change as the primary way to prevent, treat, and reverse many chronic medical conditions. For patients, this means your provider is more plugged in to the real you and how all aspects of your life affect your health. At the end of the day, they work with you to help you create the healthiest, best version of yourself.

An Approach Personalized to You

Next generation primary care could not be effective without addressing the social determinants of health for each individual. This considers the places where people live, learn, work, and play that affect your health, functioning, and quality-of-life risks and outcomes. Next generation primary care providers take these environmental factors into consideration to help provide culturally competent care that reduces health disparities for marginalized groups. Providers are empowered with this information and the latest tools to connect their patients with social services and community resources. This type of assistance can have a profound impact on overall health and wellbeing, while supporting those most at-risk so they can overcome challenges to lead healthy, productive lives.

We’re all familiar with the flaws and challenges of our current healthcare system and it’s time for an overhaul. At Premise, we are leading the way with our next generation primary care approach delivered through our in-person wellness centers and digital access points to members across the nation. It’s primary care that’s more personable, accessible, and intelligent.

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