Nearsite Health Centers – A Fit for the Whole Family

Calling off work and getting to a doctor’s appointment across town as an adult is hard enough, but what if you’re balancing a family and their appointments too? The average person spends up to 90% of their time within a 5-mile “Life Radius” around their home, according to research published by the National Institutes of Health. For families and the growing population of remote workers who now live across the country, nearsite health centers are built with you – and your Life Radius – in mind.

How Can a Nearsite Improve Your Family’s Care?

Primary care that’s convenient and easy to reach.

Centrally located in the community and often complementary to onsite health centers, nearsite health centers fill the gap for families who may experience barriers due to workplace security protocols or proximity to an onsite health center. Or, if you’re a remote employee, you may be far from your office, but that doesn’t mean you have to be far from your health benefits.

In other words, these health centers are strategically located in your neighborhood, making visits more convenient for busy schedules. Instead of driving across town, you can opt to make a virtual or in-person appointment at a nearby nearsite center that you know is in-network.

Nearsite healthcare also saves valuable time when you need to meet with a provider. While community healthcare practices have an average waiting period of 24 days between making an appointment and seeing a physician according to a Merritt Hawkins survey, nearsite health centers are exclusive to members, resulting in shorter wait times and flexible scheduling, including same-day visits.

A personalized experience with a provider who cares.

It’s a no-brainer: The physical environment where you get care impacts your stress, safety, treatment effectiveness, and quality of care. Unlike community healthcare practices, every step of a visit at a nearsite center is engineered to enhance the experience, improve clinical outcomes, and engage every member in their health journey. At Premise, this is called evidence-based design.

A personalized experience also means providers see you as a collaborator – not a customer. With more time to spend per appointment (30 minutes on average), dedicated care teams really get to know everyone who comes through the door. They focus on lifestyle medicine, which means more opportunities to work together on your long-term health through behavior change coaching and chronic condition management.

A one-stop shop for all your healthcare needs.

While primary care is the backbone of a nearsite health center, it’s far from the only resource offered there. These centers can be a one-stop shop for services the whole family needs, cutting down on appointments and commutes.

For example, in one visit to your local nearsite, you could tackle:

    • Behavioral Health – Get counseling with a licensed provider to address common problems like ADHD, anxiety, depression, grief, and stress management.
    • Pediatrics – Get care for kids 2 and up with annual well visits, sports or school physicals, sick visits, and all-important vaccinations.
    • Laboratory services – No need to visit a separate location to get your annual blood work or biometric screening, you can get everything you need without ever leaving the nearsite center.
    • Medication – Prescriptions can be filled and picked up at nearsite health centers, saving you the trip to a community pharmacy.

Being able to meet all these health needs in one central location empowers you to prioritize your family’s care and build a bright future, with convenient and accessible support.

The Mounting Cost of Dependent Care.

Healthcare is costly for families. In 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that workers who participated in employer-sponsored medical plans contributed $6,797 on average to the premium for family coverage – an expensive challenge for many families who need to provide dependents with reliable, high-quality care.

Whether you live next door to your workplace, or halfway across the country, Premise Health is building solutions for you, and your family too. Our nearsite wellness centers bring healthcare closer to the communities where you, your partner, and kids live. These centers are dedicated to the participating organizations’ eligible populations and enhance access to address the needs of underserved dependents and hybrid workforces, ultimately curbing healthcare spend.

Ready to learn more about how a nearsite health center can change lives for you and your people? Contact us and bring high-quality care within reach.

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