How to Prepare Your Workforce for a New COVID-19 Surge

As a new wave of COVID-19 begins to surge this fall, forward-thinking organizations are looking for new strategies to minimize disruption and keep their employee populations safe. By prioritizing seamless access to healthcare and a convenient approach to testing, employers can confidently stay ahead of the curve and proactively navigate this developing public health crisis.

Read on to learn what you can do to get ahead and keep your workforce safe and healthy, both today and tomorrow.

COVID-19 At-home Testing

One way organizations are preparing for this surge is by investing in at-home testing solutions for their people. Provider-ordered, at-home testing allows members to receive a diagnosis without ever leaving home. Not only is this convenient, but it’s also vital in reducing potentially infectious individuals from traveling into the community, workplace, or health center, risking spread of the virus.

Benefits to Premise Health’s At-home Testing Solution

  • Optimal convenience – provider-ordered testing kits are overnighted directly to the member’s home
  • No contact required – the testing kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and members can conduct their tests independently
  • On-demand virtual support – if members need assistance, they can schedule a virtual follow-up visit with their provider to help them walk through the collection process
  • Quick turnaround times, reliable results – the COVID-19 home testing solution uses PCR testing, the most reliable COVID-19 test available to date – Additionally, members get their results back within 24-72 hours, so they know their health status as soon as possible

Virtual-first Care

Another option employers are taking advantage of is expanding their existing virtual health offerings to include comprehensive primary care in addition to acute illness needs. At Premise, we’re calling this the digital wellness center powered by our national virtual health solution. By offering virtual care to members nationwide, employers provide access to essential medical services to their people whether they are working from home or recovering due to illness. This care is especially important for those who have chronic conditions, who may have forgone preventive care, or who have canceled routine health maintenance and cancer screenings.

At Premise, virtual health takes shape in two forms that are complimentary:

  1. National virtual health enables members to seek care where they are, when they need it, 24/7. Providers are licensed in all 50 states (and D.C.), which gives members access to on-demand care – no business hour or geographic restrictions.
  2. Local virtual health extends the reach of a physical health center provider team. Members can see local providers, those that staff the health center, during normal business hours. At Premise, both video and telephonic visits are available.

Benefits to Premise Health’s Virtual-first Care

  • Dependable access – provides convenient access to care on demand, including same day appointments – no need to schedule a visit weeks’ in advance
  • High tech and high touch – using technology to improve the overall experience without compromising personal, compassionate care
  • One click away – offers dependable access via phone or video when health centers are closed or visits are limited

Care Support and Guidance

For those with presumed or diagnosed cases of COVID-19, ample support is needed. That’s where COVID-19 Care Support comes in to assist quarantined members in navigating their symptoms. Being alone during a time of self or required isolation can be challenging and scary. Care support nurses help individuals stay connected to care by proactively reaching out to these members to check in, verify their symptom status, and assess their overall wellbeing, while providing support and answering questions.

Another important component of Care Support is assisting employees’ return to the workplace. This feature is powered in two different ways:

  1. A care support nurse can assist someone who has been sick safely return to the workplace by ensuring they follow proper screening protocols
  2. A care support nurse can assist an employee who does not pass proper screening protocols get on the right care plan to address symptoms at home until they’re healthy enough to return

The weight of the pandemic is being felt by organizations across the country, which means some have had to temporarily shut their doors, and in some cases, close their physical health centers. For employees diagnosed with the coronavirus, a COVID-19 Care Support solution helps ensure their health and wellbeing is top priority.

Return-to-Work Strategies

Return-to-the-workplace plans, and protocols look different for each organization. From manufacturing plants that are continuing to operate onsite through the pandemic to expansive tech campuses whose employees are working remotely, having a plan will make a big difference in your ability to continue operations amid the pandemic.

Premise recommends organizations utilize both screening and testing solutions when solving for the preservation of workplace and workforce health and safety. Whether used for the continued work of essential employees or the reopening of a building or campus as a work-from-home workforce returns to the physical workplace, screening and testing solutions help to identify high-risk, contagious individuals allowing them to be kept out of the working environment until they can safely return. We recognize that helping employees continue working and implementing reliable return to work processes safely are critical to preserving jobs and companies, as well as preventing future outbreaks.

How Premise Health Can Help Employers

Premise Health is committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of team members, members, and their families. As the COVID-19 outbreak sees a new surge of cases, our teams can play a critical role in providing continued support and access to high-quality healthcare. By providing care virtually, and in-person when needed, direct primary care reduces the burden on the healthcare system and allows people to stay safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly changing and fluid situation, and our products are continually evolving to adapt. From pandemic preparation and screening to testing solutions and return to work clearance, we can help your organization strategically navigate this unprecedented and challenging time.

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At Premise, we believe the combination of digital and physical access, or virtual and in-person care, drives the greatest engagement. Do you need to re-think your organization’s healthcare access? Get in touch or download our Direct Healthcare eBook to continue evaluating your organization’s access to quality healthcare.

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