Connected Care+: What is Care Navigation?

Navigating a broken healthcare system is challenging and can cause some to take shortcuts or delay care due to confusion or unaffordable treatment. In 2016, a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation discovered that 43% of households opted out of getting a recommended test or treatment altogether due to high-costs, while a survey from Bankrate revealed that 57% of Americans wouldn’t have enough funds to cover an unexpected expense of $500. Adding to the financial concerns, determining where to go within the community can be complicated as price and quality vary greatly – even in-network.

While delayed care and overpriced treatment negatively impact a person’s health and wallet, it can also leave their employer with a hefty bill that drives up overall healthcare costs. So, how can employers help their team members find the right care, at the right time, and at the right price? The answer is Care Navigation.

Care Navigation is a seamless solution that helps members access high-value specialty care in their communities, ensuring individuals and their families never have to navigate their healthcare needs alone.

Connected Care+: What is Care Navigation? | Premise Health

What is Care Navigation?

Care Navigation is an indispensable component of Premise Health’s Connected Care+ approach that solves for the frustrating and confusing side of healthcare and cost transparency by leveraging outcomes and price data to guide members to high-quality, cost-effective providers and facilities that are in-network and accessible.

To make things even easier for members, care navigators provide concierge support, peace of mind, and convenience as they coordinate appointments and ensure care runs smoothly before and after each visit. The Care Navigation team simplifies the healthcare journey, whether inside the four walls of an onsite or nearsite health center, virtually or in the community.

The components that power our Care Navigation solution

Concierge Support
Navigating care within the community can be tricky, and given busy schedules, people may not have time to make their health a priority or figure out where to go. That’s where care navigators come in to provide a guided experience that helps members seamlessly manage their care. Whether they’re helping them identify high-quality, cost-effective community specialists, scheduling appointments, transferring medical records before and after an appointment, or following up with members after their specialist visits to see how things went and provide help with ongoing care needs – members have a trusted partner to guide them to the best care possible. They also benefit from integrated services, coordinated treatment, and the peace of mind that comes from having a medical home throughout their care journey.

Data-driven Referral Matching
Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge hospitals or specialists by a single achievement. Quality matters and no hospital or specialist is good at everything. The cost of a procedure at a hospital may be five to 10 times more expensive than if it was performed at a surgery center in any given market – a variance driven by care setting, not quality. Utilizing best-in-class cost and quality data, care navigators guide members to high-value, in-network specialty care within their communities. This hands-on approach makes it easy to get the right care at the right price.

What are the key benefits of Care Navigation?

One of the most unique benefits of Care Navigation are the care navigators who serve as member advocates. These folks look out for their best interest and do everything from sending and reconciling health records to finding the highest-quality specialist and scheduling the appointment. Care navigators are with members every step of the way, ensuring seamless care that is transparent, affordable, and convenient.

Implementing a Care Navigation solution delivers value that:

  • Lowers healthcare costs
  • Delivers exceptional member experiences
  • Ensures member receive high-quality, cost-effective specialty care
  • Promotes a productive workforce
  • Engages members in their healthcare journeys
  • Provides unmatched member support and outreach

Optimizing value for your organization.

Care Navigation is Premise Health’s hands-on approach that helps members seamlessly navigate the healthcare system. We’re there for members before, during, and after care to create an exceptional experience. Our innovative take on population health helps members access high-quality care while delivering significant savings for employers and optimal outcomes for members.

Learn how Premise Health can help optimize the care of your employees. Contact us today.

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