Access to High-Value Specialty Care in a Turbulent Healthcare Market

Access to High-Value Specialty Care in a Turbulent Healthcare Market | Premise Health Blog

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by healthcare providers across the country, especially hospitals and health systems. Thirty-seven states canceled elective and non-emergent procedures and approximately 30 percent were postponed, leading 55 percent fewer Americans to seek hospital care in March and April.

Although many of these procedures can be postponed temporarily, they can’t be postponed indefinitely. Employees are looking to reschedule their procedures as quickly as possible, regardless of the cost, while hospitals are feeling the pressure to make up for significant financial losses. This makes navigating an already confusing healthcare landscape even more challenging.

One thing is for certain – with many workers and their families anxious to reschedule their elective procedures this summer or fall, facilities will be making changes to take advantage of the demand and make up for lost revenue, such as increasing prices or shifting care to more profitable settings.

Consumers often aren’t aware they have options, so what can be done to ensure employer populations get care that’s both affordable and effective? It starts by taking a data-driven approach.

Dependable Care Powered by Data

Quality matters and where members decide to get care has a huge impact on costs. When employees seek care in the community, cost and quality vary dramatically, even for in-network care. What’s driving that variability?

  • Expensive facilities
  • Difficulty assessing value
  • Lack of transparency
Dependable Care Powered by Data | Premise Health

Embracing a data-driven approach that both identifies and matches members with premium providers and high-quality facilities helps organizations keep their people healthy while also controlling healthcare spend.

Leading the Way to Cost-Effective Solutions

Industry leading healthcare tools that emphasize transparency make the referral process more informed by using data to identify and match members with high-quality providers and cost-effective facilities. These value-based solutions help organizations and members succeed when demand for care and cost fluctuate.

Leading the way to cost-effective solutions.

Leveraging data insights to enhance overall quality, experience, and value of healthcare is key to Premise Health’s member health management strategy and care navigation solution. Utilizing Healthcare Bluebook data, Premise care navigators guide members to in-network specialty care that offers the greatest value in their communities. This hands-on approach makes it easy to get the right care at the right price.

While this is a fluid time in our history for those seeking elective care and hospitals trying to recoup their losses, putting a care navigation solution in place to help members access high-quality care delivers significant savings for employers and optimal outcomes for members.

Learn how Premise Health’s partnership with Healthcare Bluebook can help optimize the care of your employees. Contact us today.

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