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Help members eat their way to better health.

Nutrition counseling for better health from the inside out.

At Premise Health, our nutrition services were designed to educate members on how to eat smarter and live healthier. From group nutritional classes and lunch and learns to one-on-one tailored sessions, we offer advice, ongoing education, and teach members how to appreciate healthy food more than ever before.

More than food recommendations.

An Expert With You at Every Step

The registered dietitian nutritionist is an integral part of the medical team, providing nutrition counseling and support to help manage and prevent a wide variety of chronic conditions such as pre-diabetes/diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension, as well as many digestive disorders and weight-related issues. Dietitians consult with care provider teams to determine members’ nutrition risk and needs. Each member is assessed, which includes getting a detailed nutrition history, labs, medical history, and identification of nutrition behaviors contributing to risk.

Tailored to the Member

  • Dietitians discuss results of nutrition assessment with the member, identifying areas where the member can decrease health risks.
  • Educate the member in nutrition principles, dietary plans, healthy food selection, and preparation using pamphlets, books, handouts, videos, online resources, classes, and more.
  • Set attainable goals and objectives with members to meet their nutrition care plan.
  • Develop and implement a plan of care and correlate the plan with their Premise Health care providers.
  • Evaluate how the member is doing on the nutrition plan and provide follow-up as needed.
  • Track progress in the member’s medical records.

A Holistic Approach

Using their technical expertise, our registered dietitian nutritionists are responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating a behavioral change program for weight management. Additionally, Premise Health can work with third-party providers such as Weight Watchers at Work, Change One, NutriSystem, Health Media, and others to ensure the right solution for your workforce.

We Go Beyond Healthy Eating Habits

Premise Health’s nutrition program looks at other factors as well to ensure success. To put members’ goals in reach, we collaborate with the workplace cafeteria or food service vendors to evaluate nutrition offerings and make healthier food suggestions. We even work with onsite fitness centers to help members achieve success by incorporating healthier eating habits with exercise to improve their overall fitness level.


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