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Physical Therapy

Make a move toward better health.

Stay a step ahead with onsite and nearsite physical therapy programs.

Low back pain. Stiff necks. Sports injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries and discomfort account for a large percentage of primary care visits, particularly in the onsite setting. Premise Health physical therapy programs integrate with your direct health solutions to get to the root of these injuries, facilitate injury prevention, and help members get back to work faster.

Our physical therapy team works right where your members are.

Harness the Power of Integration

Premise Health physical therapy programs are built on the idea that simply treating a single symptom or injury is not enough. That’s why we work to integrate our onsite and nearsite programs into your existing medical plan–and your culture. From evaluation and assessment to treatment and discharge planning, we do it all.

Located Where You Work

Our physical therapy provider team works right where your members are. That means injuries can be treated quickly, members heal faster, and they spend less time away from work getting treatment.

Treating the Whole Person

As part of a broader care team, we’re better able to treat multiple health conditions, addressing medical needs alongside musculoskeletal injuries.

Personalized Touch

We get to know our members and the daily demands of their jobs so we know how to best prevent and treat injuries.

Physical therapy with the individual in mind.

Physical Therapy Hard at Work

Experience counts for a lot. To date, Premise Health has implemented over 67 physical therapy programs. In fact, we’ve been running one successful physical therapy program for over 16 years.

An Integrated Approach

We become part of your culture, informing key decisions about workplace design, furniture selection, and more – keeping in mind both member preferences and ergonomics.

We offer a full range of physical therapy options to include:

  • Health management awareness and education
  • On-the-job injury prevention and treatment
  • Personalized therapeutic exercise and conditioning programs
  • Comprehensive return-to-work programs
  • Pre-op and post-op therapy and rehabilitation
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation
  • Integrated offsite care
  • Women’s health programs
  • Pediatric orthopedic

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