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Creating balance one healthy choice at a time.

Helping your people make change that counts.

Obesity is a major condition that’s common and costly. Affecting nearly 40% of American adults and 18.5% of children, it impacts daily life and sinks work productivity. If untreated, it opens the door to issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

At Premise Health, we help obese members make better lifestyle choices and maintain a healthy weight. Our lifestyle medicine approach focuses on behavior change to reduce risk for chronic health conditions. One size doesn’t fit all, so our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each population and individual.

Customizable solutions that work for your members.

Meaningful Lifestyle Improvements

The reason behind obesity is different for everyone and can manifest in a multitude of ways.

That’s why we go beyond the number on a scale to target unhealthy behaviors or relationships and implement ways to make better choices. We develop individualized care plans that utilize shared decision-making to improve self-management skills for a lifetime. We give members the tools and education they need to make meaningful lifestyle improvements.

Teaching Healthy Habits

The key to a healthy lifestyle is knowledge. That’s why Premise teaches members to balance diet and activity to achieve a weight that works best for them. This can look like a cooking class, prescribed physical activity, or one-on-one coaching that shows members how to make better lifestyle choices and implement healthier habits. Taking healthy living to a whole new level, we strive to reverse conditions, minimize their impact, and eliminate the need for medications.

High-Tech and High-Touch

We use technology to improve the overall experience without compromising personal, compassionate care. Our integrated member portal, My Premise Health, can sync blood glucose monitors, weight management scales, activity trackers, and other smart devices so providers can get readings and alerts. Instead of waiting for an incident to unfold, real-time data transfer between visits helps providers stay proactive with developing conditions or even modify a treatment plan.

Comprehensive Care

Our integrated team-based approach helps your workforce adopt a healthier lifestyle through personalized condition management, wellness coaching, physical activity and more. From counselors to dieticians to pharmacists, we train our providers to offer a broad range of services that help members find the answers they’re looking for – even if it’s outside of our four walls. By creating a coordinated approach across our platform of services, our value is unmatched.

Our obesity-related offerings include:

  • Primary Care
  • Condition management programs
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Physical activity
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Stress management
  • Relationship management
  • Physical therapy
  • Behavioral health

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