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Care Management

Personalized care for powerful outcomes.

Proactive support for those who need it most.

5% of members account for 60% of medical spend each year. However, only 1 out of 5 of these members will be high cost year-over-year. At Premise, we take a deeper look to identify what is driving your healthcare costs and how our provider teams can proactively support high-cost and high-risk members. To do this, we leverage powerful data insights to engage your population and develop personalized care plans that improve health and close care gaps.

Our high-touch approach meets members where they are and is proven to generate better outcomes by supporting members throughout their care journeys.

We look after the wellbeing of your workforce.

Targeting Your Biggest Spend

We help address high healthcare costs through a data-driven approach that identifies the source of your biggest spend. Whether large portions of your population are dealing with multiple chronic conditions or need help with behavior change, our highly trained care specialists develop personalized treatment plans paired with ongoing support and follow-up care. By helping your people live healthier, you improve your bottom line.

Pinpointing Population Segments

Our care specialists and providers identify high-risk members who need care the most and help them get engaged to make positive decisions about their health. By using multiple data sets to find top cost drivers, we discover the unique needs of your population and create tailored strategies to support them.

Customized Care Roadmaps

We take a holistic approach to helping members manage their care. Our highly skilled providers and care specialists take the time to develop relationships with your members while investing in their overall health and wellbeing. We leverage data to identify and engage with members who need care the most. From behavioral health to underlying health challenges, members experience the safety that comes from having a plan while ensuring they receive appropriate, personalized treatment that’s evidence-based.

Measurable Outcomes

At Premise, our data analysts close the feedback loop and keep organizations in the know by tracking return-on-investment and measuring member health outcomes. We provide care to those who need help the most while offering an opportunity to benefit from a seamless care experience that is helpful, not a hassle.

Our Care Management offering includes:

  • Pinpointing population segments
  • Proactively engaging members
  • Designing care roadmaps
  • Follow-up care
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Ongoing care support
  • Chronic condition management

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