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Your Top Testing Questions, Answered – A Conversation with Premise Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jon Leizman

As COVID-19 antibody testing continues to be a hot topic in the news, many people have questions about what it is and why it matters. Dr. Jonathan Leizman, Chief Medical Officer of Premise Health, answers these questions and more in a conversation about PCR testing, antibody testing, and strategies for safely re-opening employer campuses.

What is antibody testing and PCR testing?

There are two different types of testing for COVID-19: antibody testing and PCR testing. Antibody testing measures immune response and can be used to help determine how many people in a population have had exposure to coronavirus. PCR testing, or molecular testing, is used to diagnosis the coronavirus.

What is the purpose of antibody testing?

Antibody testing can help employers better understand their populations’ prior exposure to the coronavirus and whether the virus is continuing to spread. It can also help show individuals who may have developed an immune response to the coronavirus.

What are some ways to ensure a safe campus re-opening?

It is critical employees have confidence it is safe to get back to work as campuses re-open.

As employers plan for the future, antibody testing is one tool to help support safer re-openings and build confidence within their workforces. Additional measures include screening through questionnaires and temperature checks, as well as proven strategies such as physical distancing and requiring masks.

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April 30, 2020
Premise Health
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