Employer increases engagement by 45% by integrating fitness and wellness solutions

In 2005, a forward-looking Premise Health client invested in a $2 million fitness and wellness facility for corporate employees and manufacturing associates at its headquarters. Founded in the medical home model, the wellness center offers fitness, primary care, physical therapy, radiology, nutrition, pharmacy, and more. By providing continuity of care and using fitness and wellness programs to engage employees and dependents in their health, the organization was able to increase utilization at the wellness center by 45%.

The Challenge

The client, an industry leader in the lawn and garden market, invested in a state-of-the-art wellness center for 1,200 eligible team members, but it still faced the hurdle of getting busy employees through the center doors. In order to get associates engaged, the employer needed to make offerings innovative and exciting. Additionally, the organization needed to find a better way to provide continuous, holistic care on campus and create a culture of wellness.

The Solution

Understanding the importance of getting associates engaged in their health, Premise proposed a robust fitness and wellness program to drive utilization and foot traffic to the wellness center.

The Premise team helped our client to look at its entire population – not just those who were active – to provide inclusive programs that supported increasing physical activity for all. By integrating fitness into the broader spectrum of medical care, the client was able to provide unmatched value to the employees who needed it most. Guided by provider oversight, the wellness and fitness centers worked collaboratively to refer members with chronic conditions or those at risk, prescribe physical activity as medicine, track progress, and manage treatment for optimal health.

The combined teams drove engagement by:

  • Leveraging incentive programs, wellness events, and interactive lunch and learns to educate members on the benefits and offerings of the facility
  • Offering free, small-group and individual personal training sessions
  • Planning company-wide fitness and wellness events
  • Introducing monthly challenges to get people moving more

The Results

Through wellness events, the fitness team created additional exposure for the other lines of service offered at the organization’s wellness center. For example, the team planned unique fitness events that generated awareness of physical therapy and nutrition care and at every event, providers made an average of 50-60 referrals to other services. Understanding that engagement stems from the top, each event helped to create a company-wide culture of wellness.

Our client has made an impressive investment in the health of their associates and thanks to its partnership with Premise, the effort continues to deliver returns.

In one year, the wellness center saw almost 11,000 encounters averaging 50 per day.

On top of all that, of the 1,200 eligible associates, an astounding 45% take advantage of the fitness center on a regular basis. This is an example of the powerful outcomes that can be delivered through an integrated medical, fitness, and wellness approach.

Out of 1,200 eligible employees, over 600 joined as fitness center members, 84% of whom continued to be active each month.

In addition, the wellness programs also generated:
  • ~175 personal training sessions per week
  • 400 participants for the annual 5k
  • 729 participants nationwide for the step challenge
  • 50% of challenge participants averaged 10k steps per day

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