Coushatta Casino Resort’s Family Medical Center & Pharmacy: The Healthcare Gateway for Employees

A resource to approximately 3,200 covered lives, Coushatta Casino Resort’s Family Medical Center serves as the healthcare gateway for resort employees and their families. Founded on a closely aligned partnership, Coushatta Casino Resort and Premise Health continue to enhance the onsite health program in order to increase access to high quality care, reduce healthcare spend, and leverage further benefits.

How they do it.

To encourage use of Coushatta Family Medical Center’s onsite resources, the resort removes financial obstacles that prevent their members from seeking care. A variety of services are offered at no cost including primary care, lab tests, radiology, counseling, lifestyle coaching, dietetics, and case management. Other services such as chiropractic and massage therapy, are provided at a discounted rate of $10 per visit.

Additionally, to curb unnecessary costs associated with emergency room visits, Premise Health has established a network of local physicians and hospitals to provide immediate access to critical care when deemed necessary by a Coushatta Family Medical Center provider. Not only does this enable quick access to inpatient care for at-risk members, it also helps avoid unnecessary office visits and duplication of services that have been completed by an onsite Premise Health provider.

Over three years, the onsite program has generated more than $5.6M in total net savings, and:

Per Member Per Year Savings………↑20%
Productivity Savings………………………↑51%
Health Center Utilization……………….↑19%

Since implementing the 340B Drug Pricing Program, onsite pharmacy prescription savings have risen to more than $45,000 per month between January and August 2017.

The 340B Drug Pricing Program requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to covered entities at significantly reduced prices. The program is available to several types of safety net health providers, and it allows these providers to stretch the limited federal resources available to them and to offer a comprehensive set of services.1

Maximizing pharmacy benefits.

As a federally recognized Indian tribe, Coushatta qualifies as a safety net provider – known as a covered entity – under the government-subsidized 340B Drug Pricing Program. As Coushatta’s preferred onsite pharmacy partner, Premise Health was contracted to help improve and extend care for their diverse population by expanding the 340B Program in order to maximize prescription benefits and create significant opportunities for cost savings.

Our partnership with Premise Health has allowed us to offer high quality care to our employees, leading to cost savings for the company and better health for our associates."

Continued success.

Over the past three years, Coushatta has accumulated more than $5.6M in total net savings through improved access to high quality care, increased utilization of onsite healthcare resources, and better adherence to evidence-based medicine practices. As a result, Coushatta has experienced improved compliance with treatment programs and increased positive outcomes for its most vulnerable members.

Compliance Rate*

85%……..Diabetes    |    94%…….Hyperlipidemia

To date, utilization of the Coushatta Family Medical Center and visits with its providers have increased more than 18%, whereas visits to the emergency room for non-emergent conditions such as colds, sore throats, runny noses and ear aches have decreased 36%. In addition to medical cost savings, Coushatta has saved on average more than $45,000 per month through its 340B Drug Pricing Program between January and August 2017. These pharmacy savings have allowed Coushatta to expand programs that continue to provide quality and affordable care to its employees.

1. Health Resources and Services Administration. 340B drug pricing program & pharmacy affairs. Accessed April 16, 2014.
*Members managed by a Coushatta Family Medical Center provider


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