The Challenge

Our client, a financial services provider with 40,000 employees and numerous high-volume worksites nationwide, initially struggled to get busy employees through the door at their six onsite health and wellness centers. Feedback pointed to two reasons: one, a lack of education about available healthcare services. And two, seemingly in contrast: information overload, thanks to competing forms of communication.

The Solution

Premise Health prepared an email marketing campaign to generate awareness around each health center, educate employees about their opportunities for care, and increase overall foot traffic in the centers. The team worked in close collaboration with client leadership on design and content development in order to align with their culture, integrate with existing incentive programs, and address employee feedback.

Each month featured a new topic and relevant call to action, based on the season, underutilized services or client-promoted initiatives. Each campaign was designed to deliver timely, relevant content. Most importantly, the emails were trackable–so we could measure how interactions with the emails affected utilization.

The Outcome

Through communications best practices and a closely aligned client partnership, Premise Health was able to increase overall health center utilization across six sites by 11 percent in the first year. Most of all, by building awareness and providing actionable information about available health and wellness services, our campaign contributed to nearly $1.5 million in total net savings in 2016.

Increased New Portal Registrations by 39%
Our efforts boosted registrations from 3,285 in 2015 to 4,579 in 2016.

Increased New Appointments by 68%
From 2015 to 2016, appointments made through the portal increased from 2,988 to 5,031.

It also generated a significant boost in new service specific appointments and completed registrations booked through our member portal, My Premise Health.


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