Premise Health CEO Discusses Lessons from the Pandemic and the Road to Value-Based Care with the Nashville Business Journal

As commercial healthcare prepares for the shift to value-based care, CEO Stu Clark sat down with the Nashville Business Journal (NBJ) to discuss how Premise is preparing for this evolution and its strategic roadmap to get there.

“By the time you get to the risk era of [value-based care], if you don’t have the population of which you are taking risk engaged and attributed, and if you don’t have the ability to use data to navigate them to the highest quality specialists and hospitals, then you’re going to lose that bet you’re making with your balance sheet,” he said.

Clark compares Premise’s growing investment in virtual care and how that supported the organization’s pandemic preparedness to what the company is doing now to ensure it is equipped to thrive again amid the next healthcare revolution.

“To take risk in healthcare, you can’t just work really hard and hope for good outcomes. You have to have structures, processes, and technology in place…We’re putting the tools in place now.”

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