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Premise Health Featured in The Wall Street Journal

January 08, 2018
Premise Health


Stu Clark, CEO of Premise Health

We’ve come a long way from when health care at work consisted of a company nurse who dispensed aspirin. Onsite health centers have evolved from a nice-to-have novelty to a mainstream benefit for a large employers, and now they are remarkably convenient and cost effective.

Premise Health and several of our client partners were featured in the The Wall Street Journal this week in an article highlighting the benefits of onsite health clinics and their growing, nation-wide popularity.

While healthcare costs are rising and the population is getting sicker, Premise Health is committed to providing better outcomes at lower costs within the workplace health and wellness industry.

The ease and cost-saving structure of onsite health centers, have helped our client partners at Goldman Sachs, Cummins, Cisco, and Stanford help their employees to get, stay and be well.


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