Case Studies

Financial Services Firm

Saving a financial services firm millions in per-employee costs.

Premise Health started managing the onsite clinic at the headquarters of a large financial services company with the goal of lowering healthcare costs

After a few years, Premise Health used claims data to analyze Per Member per Year (PMPY) costs for thousands of employees and compared them to the historical and projected trends[1]. Here are the results:

  •  In 4 years, the company saved $13.6 Million in PMPY healthcare costs.
  •  The new health initiatives showed a 3.7 return on investment.
  •  In one year, the company decreased PMPY costs from $3,656 to $3,640
  •  Per member per year costs decreased 0.8% compared to the four-year benchmark of increasing 5.2%.

[1] U.S. Health Plan Benchmarks, Trends, and Best Practices for Healthcare Risk Management, Truven, October 2012, Historic and Projected Cost Trends, p.7


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